4 Week Beginner Course

4 Classes across 4 Weeks
Total Price $120

A personal introduction to yoga from the comfort of your living room!

Four 1:1 sessions will allow you to begin to understand what yoga looks like for your body. You will begin to understand the language of yoga, giving you a foundation to take more online classes or a begin a self guided practice.

Each week we will meet online via Skype or Zoom for a one hour discussion and yoga session. Let me know your current skills, goals, or any injuries that may limit your practice and I will cater the class to your needs. I have worked with students in their 50s, office workers, grandparents, runners, and children! With over 15 years of yoga experience, I can ensure that the practice is accessible for all body types!

The sessions will include breath work (pranayama) to help you tune into your body, as well as seated and standing postures, light stretching, and longer held poses. During the sequences you will get to know the names of key yoga poses, and have the chance to ask questions as you discover how each posture feels in your body. As I watch your movement I will offer suggestions to help the pose feel more comfortable or more challenging in relation to how you want to shape your practice.

The sequence will be closed with savasana, a resting pose, for you to assimilate the feelings of the practice and relax the body. I will call you from your savasana after which there will be time to reflect on the class and ask any further questions.

Each week you will also receive a PDF via email outlining the class sequence with the names of the key poses. Bring this to the online live session and use it as you revisit the sequence for your own self practice.

At the end of the four weeks, you will have four 30 minute yoga sequences that you can return to for your self practice, as well as access to prerecorded sessions, with the knowledge and confidence that you can follow a guided class safely!

Already completed this four week course? Sign up as a returning student for only $100USD! We will work together to refine your practice and include some more challenging postures.

All live sessions are conducted over Skype or Zoom. You will need a webcam and reliable internet connection, so I can see you and your body, give alignment cues, and ensure a safe, high quality, and enjoyable workout from your home. Full terms and conditions available via email.

Contact me TODAY to start your course! Email: mel@nutter.io

All prices above are in USD. Payment can be made through PayPal or direct bank transfer. Contact me for account info.